Picking a training school can be nerve wrecking with all the institutions in every street of the city. What you need in a training school is professionalism, trained staff and a high pass rate. We are delighted to say that we have all the above traits for our students to benefit from. With years of experience our HGV training and PCV bus driver training has taken roots and become students favourite. We have dedicated ourselves to provide you with best possible driver training there is in the country.

What We are Offering

Our driver trainings are in line with the industry standards. We have maintained the trust of our students and will keep on doing it for years to come. To give you a wide variety of options, we are offering three major driver training courses with sub categories.

HGV Training

This is your chance to pursue a career as a delivery van or a paramedic’s driver. You can drive various vehicles of different sizes with further license categories within our HGV training. Our instructors train you in a way where every vehicle feels extremely easy to handle. We give you the road confidence that you need to become a professional.

PCV Bus Driver Training

Whether it’s a bus, mini bus, double-decker or a coach, with our PCV bus driver training you will be ready to handle any of the above vehicles professionally. The most respected career that people go after and benefit from is bus driving in the UK. We encourage you to fulfil the gap and shortage that the market is facing in terms of skilled bus drivers.

Forklift Training

Industrial equipment isn’t as complex as it seems. With right training methods and techniques during our forklift training, you will be more than ready to handle a forklift like it’s a piece of cake. Work in various manufacturing industries and factories with this skill in hand.

Do you require financial assistance?

Our driver courses can be categorised as extremely affordable and a great value for money. We try to deliver more services than we can in decided fee. Our HGV training, PCV bus driver training and forklift training can be pursued with a 0% interest rate funding option with which you can start your sessions and pay once you are done. All of this does not involve any interest money.